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24 December 2008 @ 10:47 pm
i am your village bike!  

Name: Elie
LJ/Alias: starscribbles, Cat, Ve1vet, Tokii pop

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Currently residing in Washington DC)
Position: Village Idiot, Photographer-in-training, group whore.

Years cosplaying: 1 year (of actually making them, about 2 years acutally cosplaying).

What got you into cosplay?: TO be honest I came across a picture of a Nyaa cosplayer from Beatmania, after that I wanted to try but epic failed for my first time at Katsucon 2005 2005. I quit cosplay and conventions all together until 2007 after being picked on for having a bad costume at Katsu '05. I bought a Lenalee Costume for Katsucon 2007 and have been cosplaying ever since.
Favorite Cosplay: Yoko, despite the fact I feel a tad self concious I really enjoy wearing it and I love my gun <3

Do you compete? Hall Costume Contest or Masquerade/Cosplay Event?: Never have before, but looking forward to some future skits.
So, what do you do outside of cosplay?: A lot. I used to run cross country but not anymore thanks to a certain vermin. I work at a shoe store, play baseball and softball in my spare time. I recently sold my soul to my high school and was elected as a member of the Student Council (yes, I am the Hibari of Washington DC). I'm also next in line to becoming President of the Japanese club and an active member of the Photography and Astronomy clubs. I'm an okay-student, I'm not very smart but I get by. I look forward to attending college soon and want to major in Costume and Theatre tech.

Completed Cosplay:

[♥] Leanlee Lee [D. Gray Man]
Katsucon 2007, AMA 2007, AUsa 2007, Katsucon 2008 RETIRED

[♥] Kaede Fuyou [Shuffle!]
AUsa 2007 RETIRED [lost the costume]

[♥] Minato Arisato (Main Character) [Persona 3]

Katsucon 2008; RETIRED (shudder)

[♥] Bumble Bee [Transformers]
Anime Mid Atlantic 2007 SEMI-ACTIVE

[♥] Yoko Ritona [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]
Otakon 2008, Maryland Rennaisance Festival 2008, AnimeUSA 2008, Nekocon 2008 ACTIVE

In Progress Cosplay:
[♠] Luca [Ar Tonelico 2]
[♠] Aegis [Persona 3]
[♠] Yin [Darker than Black]
[♠] Dino Cavallone [Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]
[♠] Gokudera Hayato [Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]

Planned Cosplay:
[♦] Konishi Mitsuki [The World Ends with You]
[♦] C.C. [Code Geass]
[♦] Haruhi [Ouran High School Host Club]
[♦] Mukuro Rokudo [Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]

Contact Me:
Email - I never check it
Messenger - AIM: catwithoutagun
Website - ve1vet.deviantart.com

Edit;; Is the cut working?