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03 March 2009 @ 10:22 pm
a fabulous little intro post!  
Hey guys, and welcome to the home of Sugar Crack Cosplay! :D I'm Ashley/Ashe/Achie (a girl of so very many names! You'll probably see me sign most things as "Achie" or "Ashe", though), and I run this joint with the help of Maelai, and, well, pretty much every other member of SCC.

Now, if you've seen our profile, you'll know a lot of this, but I know some people don't read that stuff, so here we go! We're a cosplay group based in the DC Metro Area, with our official members ranging in age from 17-21. We're a closed membership cosplay group, which means only those whom we invite in are technically "members" of the group. Now, that doesn't mean we don't take on guest members (say, we're doing a skit and we need character A to fill out the ranks) or we don't let people in on our fun. It just means that if we're doing an EPIC group, it starts first as only the members of SCC and then we may open it up to our good friends and then finally those who are watchers. :Db

That being said, please do watch our community~ I'm really plannning on trying to do some photo tutorials on some of our methods (FW ink wig dying, pattern drafting, ect) and probably some entries on us trying new methods (resin casting, new fangled wig styling techniches, ect). I'm also going to start cross-posting my own con reports here (as well as on my personal journal) and will more than likely urge the others to do the same. :D The more the merrier, right? They'll be progress pictures, too! Likely the only thing that will be locked to only the members of SCC will be SECRET SECRET things where we might be planning a masquerade skit, or a secret surprise group or something.

Oh, another thing that just popped into my head. Sugar Crack Cosplay isn't a crazy "You can't do any cosplay outside of the group!" cosplay group. We just like to have fun and try to keep it as drama-free as possible. xD Sure, we love to do groups together, but not everyone has to participate in a group if they aren't interested. Sure, we'd love to get all the members involved in a giant cast one day, but if you just aren't that into the series, we're not going to make you do it. (And everyone is free to do their own cosplay separate from the group, just as we normally do!)

And I really think that's it! I hope to see a lot of new names (and faces!) around the Sugar Crack Cosplay community (say that 5 times fast XD) and to the members, let's do our best, yeah? <3
Don't forget to check out the sidebar for links to all of the members profiles and any information about recruiting for skits or groups we might be having!

Much <3s,
Ashe/Achie (achieanon )
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