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Sugar Crack Cosplay
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Focused around the cosplay group "Sugar Crack Cosplay". Progress shots, discussion of cosplay, ect.

Welcome to sugarcrack, a home for the small cosplay group, Sugar Crack Cosplay. We're still under construction right now, but once we're opened, there will be con reports, cosplay progress, Masquerade discussions, and maybe even some tutorials. :)
Our members are from Maryland and Virgina, and range in age from late highschool to late college students. We are a closed membership cosplay group. But please, feel free to watch the community, ask questions, and say hi! We don't bite, really. :3 We want to meet other cosplayers, group or not.

how it started

Sugar Crack Cosplay was literally started on a whim by Achie and Mae. They had started working on a skit in Achie's basement, and when it began to grow, they slowly started to recruit their close friends into it. First, vriunade, then thehpobsessor. After flailing around and probably complaining a little, starscribbles was also brought into the little family. wilsonchao and reijikitozawa were most recently inducted, after realizing that they're always around us anyway. XD

the names

‡sugar crack cosplay;; (n) a group of cosplayers; namesake comes from the cracky things that occur when the group is together, and the best food group after dairy: sugar.

♠achieanon;; (n) "lord and leader", she often overplans; list of dream cosplay is longer than you could imagine.
♥ maelai;; (n) "designated shota"
♣ thehpobsessor;; (n)
♦ catwithoutagun;; (n) "village bike"
★ wilsonchao;; (n) "moe"
♪ reijikitozawa;; (n) "trap"

group cosplay

Kingdom Hearts

Code Geass: Lelouch (A), Suzaku (H), C.C. (C), Kallen (M), Euphemia (W)
Persona 3: Minato (A), Aigis (C), Pharos (M), Ken (H)
Persona 4: Yosuke (R), Rise (C), Shadow Rise (M), Naoto/Himiko (A), Yukiko (H)

Princess Tutu
Kuroshitsuji (?)
Eternal Sonata (?)


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